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How Inspiration and Motivation go Hand in Hand

This is my eighth semester in Epsilon Theta.

Every Wednesday throughout my college career I have put on a black PSE polo, and have gone above and beyond what most college kids do. I have met a crazy amount of motivated and inspired people – who rubbed off on me in the long run.

Even though my memories of PSE are different than those who are living in this masked world, I still believe the effects of individuals on their peers cannot be inhibited by that.

My favorite memory of PSE was my freshman year at Nationals in San Diego, California. I was the only freshman to go and the youngest by far. I presented on our Top Non-for-Profit team, and during our presentation, answered the final question: Why do you think you deserve this award?

As the over-confident 19-year-old, I stepped up and admitted to all the judges that I just presented for a project that I had not been to, nor was even in the chapter yet when the event occurred. Shaking, I explained that the number one reason I was there that day, I was inspired by the project manager, Jacob Eslick, as he gave his SWOT presentation during my first meeting ever in our Curris Business Building here at UNI. After that answer, I turned to see two of my teammates crying from the other side, running into each other's arms, we embraced in a giant group hug.

After that meeting, I realized this chapter was more than just a bunch of motivated students who met up outside of classes to build their resumes. I was now part of a group that was motivated to do good, and be good, and inspire others to do the same. I will forever believe that you are who you surround yourself with, and this chapter specifically showed me that we put others before ourselves.

Though this year and last have been difficult to motivate and inspire those in the chapter, I cannot and will not accept the fact that there is time for a standstill. The world is still spinning and operating, and that means that Epsilon Theta will continue to lift each other to new heights and be the inspiration within ourselves – even with masks on.

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