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Rolling With the Punches: A Rundown of Epsilon Theta's 2023 Car Show in a Nutshell

Epsilon Theta's 3rd annual car show was held on September 9th, 2023 by project manager Max Goetz and his committee. The planning began in May, many months before the event. Goetz and his committee put in many hours over the summer. This time was spent reaching out to potential sponsors, securing a food vendor, locating the appropriate venue, and all of the other small details that had to be in place for the event to run smoothly. The committee met as much as their schedules were able to ensure everything was moving smoothly and were all held over Zoom as the committee members were across the state of Iowa over the summer.

When the event was finally ready to take place, committee members and other members of the chapter were there to help set up and park the cars in attendance.

“The event was able to move very smoothly as we had delegated which committee member would be responsible for what department throughout the day. Whether that was parking cars, working the raffle, ensuring everyone had registered or taking photos,” Goetz says.

The total registration for the event was 23 cars and 4 motorcycles. These numbers were a little less than what the committee had anticipated and hoped for, but that did not stop the people who swung by and the owners of the vehicles from having a good time.

“The car show began earlier than expected as vehicles began to show up before registration even began to get a good spot for the show,” Goetz says. “However, when we had expected many cars to show up, only a few did.”

The attendance seemed to be a challenge for this event with Goetz explaining, “I noticed shortly after our show that owners of cars began to hand out flyers for other shows happening the following year…This is big in the car show community as many of the attendees are older and not as active on social media as younger generations.”

Another challenge for this event was the difficulty of finding willing sponsors with so many being out of town that weekend. By the time Goetz and his team were able to find time to reach out and pitch the event, it was a little too late as the event was coming up soon. Even with these challenges, Goetz is still pleased with how the event ran and the turnout they did have.

“All in all I am very happy with the turnout of the PSE 3rd annual car show,” Goetz says. “The committee and I learned many valuable lessons we would not have been able to learn within the classroom…The skills and knowledge I have learned on this journey will not leave me and I am very excited for the future of the car show and PSE.”

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